About Us

About Buns N' Dums

Asian fusion done right. Rich flavors derived from the perfect combination of traditional Asian techniques and fresh American ingredients. Behind the boldness of our buns and the deliciousness of our dumplings, there is a heritage of rich Chinese flavors that embraces every one of our dishes. Our recipes have been strengthened over generations and our ingredients are carefully chosen to enrich your lifestyle. Buns & Dums avoids using any artificial ingredients or MSG in our meals. We are inspired by time-honored traditions and food that is in perfect harmony with traditional flavors and a next-level dining experience. At Buns & Dums, patrons can enjoy a freshly prepared meal, delivered at a fast food pace.

The Buns & Dums team is made up of passionate people with the goal of creating an incredible dining experience for our guests. As a food-orientated and people-first restaurant, we are committed to preparing the perfect Asian fusion dishes for a bold and delicious variety of flavors.